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Special Enrollment

For those who were unaware or didn’t understand the implications of the penalty for not enrolling in coverage, CMS will provide consumers with one last opportunity to purchase health insurance coverage from March 15 to April 30.  If consumers do not purchase coverage for 2015 during this special enrollment period, they may have to pay a fee when they file their 2015 income taxes.

Those eligible for this special enrollment period live in states with a Federally-facilitated Marketplace such as Texas and:

  • Currently are not enrolled in coverage through the FFM for 2015,
  • Attest that when they filed their 2014 tax return they paid the fee for not having health coverage in 2014, and
  • Attest that they first became aware of, or understood the implications of, the Shared Responsibility Payment after the end of open enrollment (February 15, 2015) in connection with preparing their 2014 taxes.

The special enrollment period will begin on March 15, 2015 and end on April 30, 2015. If a consumer enrolls in coverage before the 15th of the month, coverage will be effective on the first day of the following month.

Other qualifying events that might provide a Special Enrollment Period for you and your family include:

  • Got married or divorced
  • Had a baby or adopted a child
  • Lost your job based insurance
  • Moved outside your health plan’s coverage area
  • Gained citizenship or lawful presence in the U.S.
  • A member of a federally recognized Native American tribe

Please contact us to discuss your possible qualifying event to determine if you’e eligible to enroll in a health insurance plan.

compare insurance plans, obamacare, affordable healthcare, health insurance

Today’s Health Insurance

health-insurance-quotesHealth Benefits

The new health insurance laws require that everyone be enrolled in a health care plan that meets minimum essential coverage.  These new insurance plans on the marketplace all offer the same set of essential health benefits such as:

• Emergency services and hospitalization
• Preventative care
• Prescription drugs
• Pediatric care
• Maternity and newborn care
• Mental health services
• Laboratory services

The health care law also eliminates lifetime limits on essential health benefits and denying coverage if you have a preexisting condition.

The Open Enrollment period begins on November 15th, 2014 and ends February 15th, 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Open Enrollment?

A. It is a certain period of time each year that you can enroll in a health insurance plan.  If you don’t sign up during open enrollment, you may not be able to sign up for insurance until the next open enrollment period.

Q. To get health insurance coverage for 2015, when must I enroll?

A. You must enroll in a plan between November 15th, 2014 through February 15th, 2015.

Q. What if I don’t enroll in a health insurance plan?

A. You may have to pay a penalty.  For 2015, the penalty will be the greater of 2% of your yearly income or $325 for every adult and $162.50 for every child in your family. Family maximum of $975.

Q. Do I qualify for help in lowering my monthly premium?

A. Possibly.  Savings are based on how many people are in your household and how much money is earned.  A family of 4 making less than $95,400 a year can qualify for savings on their premium.

Q. How do I apply for the tax credit to lower my premium?

A. You will apply for the tax credit during the enrollment process.

Q. What documents are needed to enroll?

A. Social Security numbers for you and your family members, proof of income (W-2 or pay stub) for you and family members and an email address.

Q. Who is eligible to enroll in health coverage?

A. US citizens or nationals (or be lawfully present).

Medicare Supplement Plans

While Medicare pays much of your health care bill, you are required to pay what is left over in the form of co-pays and deductibles. We can help you understand where the gaps are and how a Medicare Supplemental Plan can help you bridge the gaps.

affordable care act, obamacare, aca, health insurance texas, affordable health insurance, medicare supplementsAll Medicare Supplemental Plans are regulated by law, which means that the benefits of each separate plan are exactly the same regardless of who the insurance company is. This is important to remember when comparing prices with different insurance companies. Since I am a licensed, independent broker, I am not limited to working with just one company. I use multiple companies to find you the lowest rate.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Benefits

  • See the doctor of your choice.
  • It limits out-of-pocket costs for healthcare.
  • It makes it easy to deal with medical bills and paperwork.
  • Covers hospital expenses not covered by Medicare.
  • Coves durable equipment such as motorized wheelchairs.
  • Covers skilled nursing facility expenses not covered by Medicare.

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The first step to learning about life insurance, is understanding its necessity and importance. Life insurance is essential for a number of different reasons. It is a financial instrument that allows you to protect your family and loved ones when you’re gone. It can provide your family with daily living expenses and pay off the mortgage, secure your children’s college education and pay estate taxes and final expenses.

Life Insurance Quotes Made Simple

Spend a few minutes using our EZ Life rate quoter and receive prices from up to 24 of the best insurance companies.

Navigating the Changing Face of Health Care

Affordable Care For You is here to give you and your family the information you need to make the best decisions for your health care coverage. We will help you navigate the new health care laws and how it impacts YOU. We are here to guide you through the process and give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve.

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